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Want to get voicemail sent to your email? That’s no problem. With eFax Pro™ your fax number will accept voicemail and deliver it to you as an email attachment.

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Never miss a voicemail again. eFax Pro™ automatically sends the audio file of any voicemails received from your fax number directly to the email inbox associated with the account.

Simply open the audio file attachment to listen to your voicemail message with any media player. So now you can receive voicemail, as well as faxes, anytime, and from anywhere you have access to email!

eFax® also lets you create a custom voicemail greeting from over 20 languages so you can choose custom greetings for whatever market you conduct business in. You can also preselect your preferred audio file format (WAV, AU, GSM) and/or elect to turn off voicemail to email whenever you choose. It’s that simple.

Voicemail Audio File Format

Choose the file format in which received voicemails will be sent to you as email attachments: GSM, WAV, or AU.

Voicemail Greeting

Choose the language of the voice prompts played from over 20 languages when the caller reaches your voicemail on your eFax® number.


Stay Connected 24/7

Receive voicemail anytime, even without your phone — and respond when needed.


Be More Attentive

Add a custom voicemail greeting to your fax number in any language.


Forward Voicemail

Easily send the audio file and text of a voicemail to a colleague.

How Does eFax® Voicemail to Email Work?


Callers leave a voicemail message (up to 10MB) on your eFax® number.


eFax® delivers the audio file and text transcript to you by email, as well as posts it online in your eFax account.


You can listen and read your voicemail anywhere — on your phone, computer or other device.

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